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    The North. It's full of storytellers. People who can make you laugh and remember through their tone, voice, and language. And sweetmoon, well, I tell your story through photographs. I want to capture what connects us to our homes and families, the reason that we reach back to the land, and the inside jokes that make us laugh out loud while tossing our head back.

    Thank you for sharing in my journey as I photograph our people, our stories, our communities and our culture.
    Your support and stories are the reason sweetmoon exists.

We met in the park, and I sighed deeply.

“There’s gonna be ticks. Keep an eye out,” I said.

“We’ll be fine,” Janelle said, hand on her belly, nodding. Karl and she were meeting me for their maternity session, wanting to be captured in natural settings, and while tick season was in full force in Saskatoon, I was willing to risk it. In theory. We set out, and during the last 20 minutes, as we sat in the grass, Janelle calmly picked off a few ticks.

I then ran out of the grass.

Heck no.

Enjoy, Janelle and Karl. It was a great time meeting you!


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When I lived in Vancouver, I ran into that beautiful phenomenon of blossoms. In the spring, the roads would be scattered its pale pink and white petals from the trees. It was stunning. I was that tourist gathering the petals in handfuls and laughing in delight. So not cool.

Back in Saskatchewan, it requires a network of peoples wiling to share these amazing locations, and hitting those trees up in the right moments. This is a fleeting moment of our spring time, and Dakota and I took swift advantage of it. Between driving the wrong way in the park, climbing trees, and making sure my baby girl didn’t pull off any of the blossoms, we had a great mini-date.

I was playing around, just shooting with my Fujifilm x100s. We shot at the Forestry Farm – there are a few trees located on the main grounds. I edited in Lightroom with Tribe Archipelago presets, tweeking them to suit my look. This is a sharper look then my usual sweetmoon lool, but I’ve been enjoying it for my more personal and creative sessions.


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Always trying new things, I am. It keeps me happy.

I asked my cousin Maggie to do some dancing for me in back alleys as we walked around Saskatoon. She was game. My other cousin, and hMaggie’s bff, Michaela, did the makeup. Amidst the stretching and not-so-helpful encouragement – “just jump… and bend your legs like how they do… just dance….” – Maggie was ready to work. Over the course of an hour, we moved around and I watched her pose, jump, stretch, reach, hold, “square her hips,” and many other things that I have no idea about. As I have never taken dance classes, I had no idea how much physical work and preparation it is even just to chill in back alleys like this.

I couldn’t imagine the work that goes into performances.

Grace. Beauty. Strength.


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