tenille campbell

Tenille Campbell is the owner and artist behind sweetmoon, a successful photography business that specializes in photographing Indigenous people.

She has published poetry in “Sing: Poetry from the Indigenous Americas” (Ed. Allison Hedge Coke), and photography in “Urban Tribe” and “Dreaming in Indian” (Eds. Mary Beth Leatherdale and Lisa Charleyboy). Current creative projects include #KissingIndigenous, a photography series focusing on the act of intimacy within Indigenous couples.

She is also the co-creator of tea&bannock, an online collective blog featuring the photographs and stories of Indigenous women photographers throughout Canada. 

Storytelling – be it with ink, voice or photographs – seems to be the life for her.

Guess what….

So it turns out that sweetmoon is my muse, where I get to let a lot of my creativity out. And I get the biggest kick out of being able to capture your stories, your images.

I want to you to see your families in my images, the real smiles and the giggles, the falling down, the roughhousing and the quiet moments too. It’s not about posing and smiling, it’s about being honest and letting me see you.

Because I guarantee, you and your story are beautiful.

Shoot me an email and we’ll chat about your session needs – what to wear, where we will be, how to make it as fun as possible.

Because being a rock-star in front of the camera for an hour should be fun.